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Dark Mafia Romance

The Manarch Trilogy

Book 1 Possession

I’ve fallen in love with a man who will never be mine despite me being his.

Ava O’Brien is drowning. She hasn’t finished paying off her father’s last gambling debt when he confesses to owing The Manarch Clan a hundred thousand dollars for a week’s worth of bad decisions.

The Manarchs are known for being ruthless and unforgiving, and Viktor Manarch was groomed that way from birth. He always gets what he wants, and when Ava walks into the family restaurant, Viktor can’t help himself. He wants the stubborn cerulean blue eyes as much as he wants to be head of the clan, and Ava’s father’s debt gives him the means to have both.

A fake engagement will wrap everything up neatly.

Too bad Viktor’s father has plans of his own that don't include Ava.

But shouldn’t he know better than anyone what happens when a dominant, possessive mafia boss claims his woman?

Viktor will set the world on fire before he will ever give up what is rightfully his.

And Ava isn’t the exception because she is his.

Book 2 Revenge

It’s been over a year since Ava O’Brien entered my life as payment for her father’s debt. What started as a business transaction became something much more—a love powerful enough to bring me to my knees.

I was all in with Ava, ready and willing to give her everything. Then my life went into a tailspin. My father started cozying up to our enemy, our clan came under fire, and danger stalked Ava. But we didn’t shatter until my past walked through our door.

Her revelations broke my Ava, and when she disappeared, it broke me.

Now the danger is more significant than ever, and what was exposed the night Ava left is purely the beginning. But despite the odds being stacked against us, I won’t stop until she’s back in my arms where she belongs.

Book 3 Absolution

Meeting Viktor wasn’t by choice. Falling in love was unavoidable. But since we united, I’ve faced death threats, betrayals, and near death. I was ready to give up, but then our children were born. They’re the air I breathe and convinced me we’d reached our happily ever after.

I was wrong.

Our enemies have yet to learn that I will move heaven and earth for my babies. I wasn’t born a Manarch, but they should fear me since I am a lioness who will kill for her cubs. I will burn this city to the ground if it is the only way to protect them.

By the time I teach them what Viktor has always known, our enemies will be on their knees, begging for mercy, but it will be too late for them then.

The Manarchs show no mercy when it comes to family, and I am the new hierarchy of their realm.

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