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architect of seduction 

Suleidy Merced

The Manarch Trilogy

Ava O’Brien is drowning. She hasn’t finished paying off her father’s last gambling debt when he confesses to owing The Manarch Clan a hundred thousand dollars for a week’s worth of bad decisions. The Manarchs are known for being ruthless and unforgiving, and Viktor Manarch was groomed that way from birth. He always gets what he wants, and when Ava walks into the family restaurant, Viktor can’t help himself. He wants the stubborn cerulean blue eyes as much as he wants to be head of the clan, and Ava’s father’s debt gives him the means to have both. A fake engagement will wrap everything up neatly. Too bad Viktor’s father has plans of his own that don't include Ava. But shouldn’t he know better than anyone what happens when a dominant, possessive mafia boss claims his woman? Viktor will set the world on fire before he will ever give up what is rightfully his.

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